The Hyper Programming Language


There are two important versions of a compiler for Hyper in development. This page is about the main version, which is now only a front end (it can not generate executables yet). The other version adds an LLVM back end to the front end sources (see full compiler for more info about that version).

The compiler is written in C++ and is open-source. It is distributed under the GPLv3 (GNU General Public License version 3).

Latest Release


Compiler info
version number 0.4.4
release date 2009-09-12
regression tests 219 passed (98%)
5 failed


For the list of supported language features, see the language & compiler status page.

What's new

You can find the full changelog in the download package. A list of most important changes:


This is a development release! The language is still in heavy development and so is the compiler. This means it is expected that not all tests succeed (see table above).

No binaries available. You will have to compile the sources yourself. This requires the Boost libraries and CMake 2.6. An explanation for how to build from source can be found in the README file in the download package.

Supports only Linux for now. Other Unix systems should work as well, but I have not verified that. The source of the compiler is written as portable as possible, but some things like path handling are Unix-specific right now. Support for ‘Microsoft Windows’ is not one of my early priorities; if you're interested you can add support for it, the amount of Unix-specific source code should be fairly small. Compilation was only tested with a recent version of GCC, and some special GCC features are used. Other compilers probably will not work (yet). If you are using ‘Microsoft Windows’ you could try to compile and run the program under Cygwin (and let me know if it does not work).

It's all Unicode! The compiler supports Unicode and uses the UTF-8 encoding everywhere. So you need a shell that is configured for UTF-8, to execute the compiler in, because the compiler writes UTF-8 text to stdout. All Hyper source files should be in UTF-8 format, and the syntax highlighting program assumes that the HTML file it processes is UTF-8 as well.


Download the source: hypercompiler-0.4.4-src.tar.gz. This source package contains the compiler, a syntax highlighter and the regression tests.


If you encounter a compiler crash, then please send me the source file that you fed to the compiler and caused it to crash. A stack trace of the compiler is probably not necessary. Please make sure to test it with the most recent version of the compiler.

Alternatively, you can report the bug here:

Live sources

There used to be snapshots available here, but that is no longer the case. If they are really requested by users, then I will see if there's a way to automatically publish snapshots again.

If you are interested in the bleeding edge development version, you can download the latest sourcecode from the Bazaar branches on Launchpad:

Older releases

A list of older releases is available. For each release it contains the release date, the number of tests that succeeded and failed for that version, and its changelog that appeared on the download page.

See also

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