The Hyper Programming Language


In addition to a compiler front end, there is also a modified version of the SciTE text editor available that supports syntax highlighting for Hyper. Folding is not yet supported though.

The modified SciTE is only available in source form. As with the compiler, you have to compile the program yourself.

Any file with the extension ".hyp" or ".hyper" is recognised as a Hyper source file and is syntax highlighted appropriately.


Bugs / Improvements

If you encounter any bugs or if you would like to implement folding, feel free to send me your patch. Do not report bugs regarding Hyper support to upstream (i.e. the developers of the official SciTE version).

You might be wondering why I do not submit my changes to the SciTE project. The reason is simple: support for Hyper in SciTE would not benefit anyone except for me and maybe a couple of others. If the language ever gets some popularity I will submit my lexer (that's what it is) for inclusion into the real SciTE.

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