The Hyper Programming Language


This is the current status of the language and my compiler:

Compiler features

This page is about the language features that are supported or not. The compiler cannot generate executable code from a valid source file yet.

The latest version of the compiler supports the following language features:

The compiler accepts the main use of these features in source files, but for some features the compiler’s semantic checking is not complete yet. And some details of a feature could still be unsupported.

Not yet implemented

This is a list of ‘new’ language features that are more or less ‘defined’ to be an official part of the language, but that are not yet implemented in the latest release of the compiler:

Future language features

These things are planned to be eventually added to the language, in the short or the long term. Not all of these are equally important. Any feature listed here is not guaranteed to be actually added in the future.

Some of these concepts need lots of thinking before they can be added.

See also

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