The Hyper Programming Language

Class ‘int32’

This is the class reference of built-in type int32.


sealed class int32 : object

This class represents a signed 32-bit integer.


procedure new()

Default constructor. Creates an int32 with value 0.

procedure new(i : * int32)

Copy constructor.

implicit procedure new(b : byte)

Implicit conversion constructor.

implicit procedure new(i : int16)

Implicit conversion constructor.

implicit procedure new(n : nat16)

Implicit conversion constructor.


const procedure abs() : nat32

Returns the absolute value of the signed number.

procedure turnSign()

Turns the sign of this number. A negative number becomes positive and a positive number becomes negative.


Warning: this is preliminary syntax with the purpose of documenting the operators of this class. Nothing official yet!

Unary Operators

const operator+() : int32

Unary plus.

const operator-() : int32

Unary minus.

const operator++() : int32


const operator--() : int32


Binary Operators

not yet documented

Increment/decrement operators


Increment operator.


Decrement operator.

Assignment Operators

operator=(i : int32)

Simple assignment operator.

operator+=(i : int32)

Add-assign operator.

operator-=(i : int32)

Subtract-assign operator.

operator*=(i : int32)

Multiply-assign operator.

operator/=(i : int32)

Divide-assign operator.

operator%=(i : int32)

Modulo-assign operator.

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